Sunday, September 18, 2011

Best Ribs in the Universe

This weekend marked my mom's 74th birthday...Happy Birthday, Mom!  To celebrate, we went on a little road trip to one of our all-time favorite restaurants.

The New Riegel Cafe

My mom and dad were great friends with another couple, Bob and Betty Faris, all throughout my childhood.  Bob is notorious for two things:  first, he taught my brother to walk.

They make their own salad dressings...the bleu cheese is my fave!

You know somebody just like Bob.  Think about that fellow who is a little rough around the edges.  The guy who chain smokes, cusses like a sailor and growls like a junkyard dog.  Yeah, that guy who also has a heart of gold.

The "wall of honor" inside the attached gift shop.

Bob had gotten tired of my parents "coddling" my baby brother.  He slapped some patent leather Buster Browns on the kid, lifted him to his feet and bellowed out, "Now walk, dammit." 

Nothing goes better with ribs than a pitcher of beer.

Though I was only four at the time, and can't recall every single detail, I believe it went something like this: my brother took one look behind him.  There stood Bob, looming over him like a hungry grizzly bear.  My brother took another look in front of him at the long, dusty road that stretched for seemingly endless miles off into infinity.  And he made the most logical decision he could: he placed one baby foot in front of the other and then the other and he high-tailed it out of there.  And he's been walking just fine for the past forty-plus years ever since.

This place ain't fancy...just bring your appetite!

Bob Faris also introduced my family to the New Riegel CafeBest. Ribs. Ever.  Look them up sometime.  Be sure to tell them Bob sent you.

The New Riegel Cafe is located at:
14 N. Perry Street
New Riegel, OH  44853
(Just outside of Tiffin)

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