Friday, September 16, 2011

Springfield Antique Show EXTRAVAGANZA!

Though it will not be "officially" Fall for one more week, the delightfully crisp temperatures prompted me to swap out my "outside door" wreath for this appropriately seasonal one...

My "outside door" really is outside!
Reminder!  This weekend is the Springfield Show and Flea Market Extravaganza!  If you are in the Central Ohio area, be sure to zip on over and check this one out.  The weatherman is calling for a beautiful afternoon, and the show was already over 100 spaces ahead of last year's show in bookings at last count! 

Learn more by visiting:  Springfield Antique Show

This is just one way to use old windows in a garden display...the possibilities are endless!
As you can tell, I simply adore architectural features in the garden.  The door and window displays above just scratch the surface of all the wonderful, visual effects you can create.  Using them actually builds "rooms" in the yard, and lets you define spaces more handily.  Keep an eye out for goodies like these while you are out scavenging this weekend!

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Katie Jones said...

I felt a bit festive as well! I bought myself a new Welcome mat that shows off the Fall season. I love Fall :)

Courtney ~ French Country Cottage said...

Love your door out in the garden- beautiful inspiration!Thank you for sharing at Feathered Nest Friday! :)

Beth Zellner said...

Hi Katie! I love Fall, too! I was in the car with my family today and we were saying that this time of "bounty" makes us feel so grateful for everything we have! Thank you for the nice comment and I hope you enjoy your new Welcome mat!

Beth Zellner said...

Hello Courtney! Thank you for visiting my blog! Were your ears burning yesterday? The gals and I were talking about all the GREAT inspiration we get from you while we conquered the Springfield Extravaganza! I am so pleased to be a participant in Feathered Nest Friday, and so grateful to YOU for making it all possible!

Courtney ~ French Country Cottage said...

How sweet of you Beth!! :) How neat to come by to say thank you for linking up at Feathered Nest Friday and find a comment from you to me! :D Have a great weekend and thanks again for linking up!! :)