Wednesday, September 7, 2011

Update on Bijoux

It all began back in July when I noticed a lump on Bijoux’s chest. It wasn’t too big at the time, but large enough to warrant a visit to the vet. So off we went to Vet Number One. Without much hands-on exam and no testing whatsoever, she assured me I was a nervous Mama and it was *probably* just a lipoma or fatty tissue deposit. I wasn’t so sure, but hey, I’m a writer and a dreamer, and not a vet, so I agreed with her.

But then…the “thing” started growing…and turning angry and purple. It was an ugly sight, to be sure. So I went back to Vet Number One who pretty much patted me on the head and told me – in not so many words – just don’t worry about it.

But worry I did. Constantly. Day in and day out. I watched that thing blossom and grow along Bijoux’s belly and knew in my heart of hearts that something just wasn’t right. Enter Vet Number Two.

Vet Number Two is, in all honesty, a kind and compassionate vet, but I think she is simply overwhelmed by the need for kind and compassionate vets. On the night of our first visit to Vet Number Two, we sat in the waiting room for TWO HOURS past our scheduled appointment time until even getting into the exam room. Alas, I knew I needed a vet with a little bit more expediency.

Fast forward to Vet Number Three. When I called on Thursday morning, full of dread and anticipation, the receptionist on the other end kindly said, “How soon can you get here?”

After meeting with Vet Number Three, surgery was immediately scheduled for Tuesday and here we are today. As it turns out, it is a Mast Cell Tumor. The mass was sent out for grading of the cancer (1 through 4) and we are waiting for our next move. But I am grateful to have one more day with the love of my life, my best friend and confidante. Please send positive thoughts and prayers our way…we’ll take all that we can get!

The incision runs the length of her chest to her groin.

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Rachel Dilley said...

Poor baby. I hope she's mending up well! Keep strong, Momma!