Wednesday, September 28, 2011

Where Did the Summer Go?

Can you believe that Saturday is the first day of October?  October?  What?  Where did the summer go?  It seems like it sped by this year faster than ever. 

The chair and flowers add a pop of color
and the gnome adds some whimsy to this vignette.

I really DO love autumn, and I am not complaining, mind you, just startled at how fast time truly does move. 

A beautiful fall display.  I love the zing of this burnt red color!

Here are some pics from the neighborhood of the changing scenery. 

From the inside out, the leaves turn from green to tawny.
Take your time and enjoy them.  I have a feeling all too soon it will be (egads!) winter!

This is such a great idea!!! 
These little cuties are actually thin slices of log painted orange with faces drawn on 
and a little embellishment...'s a closer look.  Adorable, and SO EASY to make! 
The kids can help and you can re-use them year after year!

Later this year, these berries will nourish the tiny sparrows
who stay behind to brave the Ohio winter.

What a spectacular sight across the eastern sky. 
This rainbow is a portent of good things to come.

Delighted to partake in

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