Saturday, October 15, 2011

Fall Foliage Haiku

Beth Zellner

Autumnal leaves drop
Colors rain down upon me
A torrent of hues


Mandy said...

Those pictures are amazing! Great job!

Duffy Moon said...

Love to read haiku.
Sometimes they make my brain hurt.
But, of course, not yours.

bethnbijoux said...

Hello Mandy, thank you for such nice comments! I TRULY appreciate when people take their time to say kind words! By the way, my friend Lisa noted that I did not indicate where these photos were taken. They are from A.W. Marion State Park, located just outside of Circleville, OH.

bethnbijoux said...

Hello Duffy! First, thank you for making me laugh today! Second, I just want to say that I have been thoroughly enjoying your recent posts, most notably your Haiku (LOVELY!! - you put me to shame!!!) and that AMAZING typewriter museum. Wow. That must have been an awesome day!

Duffy Moon said...

Thanks, Beth. I loved the pics, too, but couldn't fit that in a haiku. (Woah. That was a rhyme there, wasn't it? Poetry sneeks up on you, doesn't it?)

bethnbijoux said...

Silly Duffy! I guess in a manner, poetry is all around us; right? In a purely philosophical kind of way, that is. Or is it? NOW you are making my brain hurt! Then again, it does not take much to do that - HA! I really like writing Haiku. In its simplicity, it allows me a freedom that rhyme (and reason) do not :)