Wednesday, November 16, 2011

Round Bales

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Autumn is the season of harvest.  Round baling is one way of putting up hay to feed the livestock throughout the year.  A field full of round bales is an impressive sight, to be sure.

Round bales fill the valley floor.
"Not everyone uses round bales, but they are becoming more common every year...

...The shift to using round bales is easily understood if you have spent much time putting up square bales...

...When comparing the cost of putting up hay as square bales versus round bales, round bales usually win." 

This round bale is about five feet tall!

~ Edward B. Rayburn, West Virginia University Extension Service Specialist


JO said...

yes, an impressive sight indeed.

~ Jo's Precious Thoughts ~

bethnbijoux said...

Hi JO :) To be honest, the pictures alone just can't do this sight justice. For one, these things stand at about five feet tall. Add them all up and it is kind of like our very own Ohio Stonehenge - ha!