Friday, January 13, 2012

New Beginnings

There is a story in the news this week about Danielle Tarantola, a woman who had her late dog, Trouble, cloned. Honestly? If I had an extra $50,000 just lying around, I might have considered doing the same thing. Not everyone has been so kind. Tarantola has been called everything from “questionable” to “unethical” to outright “crazy.”

And, in fact, I do NOT in any way, shape or form endorse the treatment of animals or the mentality of some South Koreans (the only people to practice domestic pet cloning at this time)  toward dogs. Let’s be clear about that!

However, I absolutely understand loving a dog so madly, so intensely, so over the top that you’d do dang near anything to have them back. I still miss Bijoux every minute of every day. There are no words, no descriptors, no language for this kind of relationship. All I can tell you is that if you have never felt it, I can understand how bizarre this might sound. But remember, Bijoux was with me through every milestone of my life for fourteen years. And through it all – good times and bad – she offered unconditional, unwavering love.  That's more than I can say for many of the humans who knew me during the same time.

Since I am still working on making that first million, cloning my beloved Bijoux was out of the question. So I decided to do the next best thing – adopt! Today I introduce to you Etoile, the newest addition to my family.

This is Etoile with two of her many, many bones.

Let me start by addressing the elephant in the living room: Yes, I KNOW she is not Bijoux! And I really and truly don’t expect her to be. All I want is for us to grow together, and live a long and happy person-plus-dog life together. I will do everything I can to keep up my end of the bargain, and I already believe she will, too!

This is not about comparing Etoile to Bijoux. This is about allowing Etoile to be who she naturally is. To that end, I have discovered that Etoile loves to run and jump and play with everyone and everything. There is not a mean bone in her body. She is a picky eater. She thinks the cement dog on my neighbor’s porch is real, and she just can’t – for the life of her – understand why that doggy won’t play with her! Etoile is gorgeous, but she’s a real tomboy! Her hair after a bath is as smooth as silk. And strangest of all, she L-O-V-E-S cinnamon! Go figure!

So far we have tried Iams, Orijens, Holistic Select and Wellness Brands. 
Next up is Natural Balance, which is what my parents feed their pug,
and Etoile likes to sneak on visits to see him!
Etoile came into my life from the Ohio Puppy Rescue, who saved her from a puppy mill in Northeastern Ohio. If you are looking for love that knows no bounds – and are willing to give no less yourself – check them out.

Happy 2012 and here’s to new beginnings!

Etoile means "Star" in French. 
She is one-half Poodle and one-half King Charles Cavalier Spaniel.
(And one hundred per cent adorable!)


Colleen Scott said...

Great post,Beth! So happy for you both : )

Beth Zellner said...

Hi Colleen! Thank you for the nice comment! I know how much you love your dog! (Though I am sorry to say my Etoile is not nearly as smart as your puppy! Ha!)